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Plastic tanks
Manufactured Cy-Bo
PE100 devis abrege English tanks 0.09mb
PP devis abrege English tank 0.07mb
PVDF devis abrege English tank 0.07mb
Tank standard questionnaire 0.07mb
ASTM Standards CB Snyder 0.07mb
ASTM Standards Snyder 0.06mb
Rotomoule Cone bottom SnyderList 0.06mb
Rotomoule Cone bottom Total drain stands SnyderList 0.13mb
Rotomoule Cylindrique vertical RTSList 0.05mb
Rotomoule Cylindrique vertical SnyderList 0.16mb
Rotomoule Double wall SnyderList 0.10mb
Rotomoule Double wall Used Oil Collection System 0.25mb
Rotomoule HorizontalRectangular closed top SnyderList 0.10mb
Rotomoule Rectangular open top RTSList 1 0.05mb
Rotomoule Snyder Guidelines for Use and Install Rev 101316 2018 10.99mb
Rotomoule SOS Storage Bins 1.02mb
SNYDER chemical resistance chart 2019 0.15mb
VOT RTS Snyder 0.07mb
719 PDS 07 2016 1 0.05mb
Accessoires attaches 0.19mb
Boule de lavage 0.22mb
Buses Catalogue Bex 3.82mb
Colle chimique724 dataSheet2013 2.84mb
Colle et appret English Solvent Welding Guide 12 2017 1.50mb
Colle et appretWeldOn SetCure TimeTable 0.08mb
Eductors EN 1.88mb
Gun a souder et rod 0.11mb
Machine a fusion infrarouge 6.44mb
Pate de teflonBleu seal 0.08mb
Pipes and fittings
CPVC C 80 91.93mb
Fuseal 25 50 PVDF Corrosive Waste 0.80mb
Fuseal ll MJ Training Rev A 01 01 09 0.52mb
Fuseal PP Corrosive Waste 2.00mb
PolyprolylenePROGEF Standard 3.77mb
Polypropylene et PVDFEPS Pressure Piping Systems Tech Handbook 3.04mb
PolypropylenePROGEF Natural 0.82mb
PVC C 40 55.55mb
PVC C 80 58.42mb
PVC CLEAR 14.13mb
PVCCPVC Engineering and Installation Guide GFHARVEL 7 22 15 5.53mb
PVDFSYGEF Plus 0.77mb
PVDFSYGEF Standard 0.91mb
Resistance chimique GF Chemical resistance chart 1.23mb
Ball valves
107 act vlv GF 0.58mb
Resistance chimique GF Chemical resistance chart 1.23mb
Type 131 133 Data Sheet 1.63mb
Type 230 233 Data Sheet 1.51mb
Type 375 Data Sheet 0.57mb
Valve a bille 3 voies Type 543 resume 3.92mb
Valve a bille manuelle Type 543 Instructions Manual horizontal 0.43mb
Valve a bille manuelle Type 543 Instructions Manual vertical 0.36mb
Valve a bille manuelle Type 546 info 0.76mb
Valve a bille manuelle Type 546 Installation and Operating Instructions 0.99mb
Butterfly valves
Resistance chimique GF Chemical resistance chart 1.23mb
Type 145 Data Sheet 0.99mb
Type 147 Data Sheet 0.60mb
Type 240 Data Sheet 0.69mb
Type 244 Data Sheet 0.59mb
Type 563 Data Sheet 0.30mb
Type 567 Data Sheet 1 0.61mb
Valve papillon manuelle Type 578 Data Sheet 0.61mb
Check valves
591 595 Data Sheet 0.67mb
Resistance chimique GF Chemical resistance chart 1.23mb
Type 304 Data Sheet 0.21mb
Type 369 Data Sheet 0.29mb
Type 561 562 Data Sheet 0.50mb
Type 561 562 Part Numbers 0.13mb
Valve anti retour Type 561 562 accessoires 0.94mb
Valve anti retour Type 591 595 ventilating and bleed valve info 5.74mb
Diaphragm valves
DIASTAR Six Data Sheet 0.80mb
DIASTAR Ten and TenPlus Data Sheet 1.10mb
Resistance chimique GF Chemical resistance chart 1.23mb
Type 514 519 Data Sheet 0.96mb
Valve a diaphragme manuelle Type 317 Data Sheet 0.36mb
Other valves
Autre valves Type 530 AquaTap Recirculating Laboratory Faucet info 5.65mb
Autre valves Type 582 586 info 0.43mb
Autre valves Gate valve 10.68mb
Resistance chimique GF Chemical resistance chart 1.23mb
Centrifuge CECO Horizontal Self Priming SethcoBull350A REV9 7 11 2.78mb
Centrifuge CECO Horizontal SethcoBull340 5 28 10 FIN 3.62mb
Centrifuge CECO Vertical Sethco Bulletin 354 2.38mb
March Pump Catalogue2013 3.26mb
March Pump Chemical resistance chart 0.24mb
March Pump General installation guide 0.34mb
Pompes horizontales Camac 0.69mb
Pompes verticales Camac 0.65mb
Pump standard questionnaire 0.07mb
Siebec pumps for industrial applications 01 2017 EN 1.82mb
Someflu Catalogue General EN 4.58mb
ARO Chemical compatibility guide 1.93mb
ARO EXP Series Diaphragm Pumps 11.96mb
ARO PRO Series Diaphragme Pumps 10.95mb
Pump standard questionnaire 0.07mb
Drum Pump
A baril CECO P 90 Bulletin 381D 0.84mb
FLUX Catalogue Drum Pumps 0917 e 1.99mb
FLUX Chemical resistance chart 0416 e 0.57mb
FLUX Questionnaire FQ FP 085 EFA 0.34mb
P 90 drum pump parts 1.12mb
Questionnaire pompe 0.07mb
Blue White diaphragme Catalogue Chem Feed BR 80000 101r12 CA web 1.68mb
Blue White diaphragme Catalogue Chem Pro C2 C3 4.87mb
Blue White peristaltique Catalogue 15.90mb
Iwaki Catalogue pompe doseuse diaphragme 0.79mb
Iwaki ChemChart 0.06mb
Pump standard questionnaire 0.07mb
Tubings and fittings
BoyauxCatalogue Fluoropolymere New Age Industries 1.32mb
BoyauxCatalogue Kuriyama Kuri Tec 7.82mb
BoyauxCatalogue Partek4150 55D Fluoropolymer Tubing 3.89mb
BoyauxCatalogue PE PP Nylon New Age Industries 0.84mb
BoyauxCatalogue Polyurethane New Age Industries 0.46mb
BoyauxCatalogue PVC New Age Industries 1.14mb
BoyauxCatalogue Rubber New Age Industries 0.34mb
BoyauxCatalogue Silicone New Age Industries 0.86mb
BoyauxCatalogue Tigerflex CANADA 14.47mb
Catalogue Finger Lakes Extrusion 2019 1.47mb
RaccordsBanjo super clamps 0.86mb
RaccordsCatalogue Fitting and Clamps New Age Industries 0.98mb
RaccordsCatalogue Jaco 17apr15 3.69mb
RaccordsCatalogue Lasco Insert PVC 1.62mb
RaccordsCOLLIERS DE SERRAGEVFRA Queensway 0.10mb
RaccordsPARKER 2.39mb
Liquid filtration
Basket strainer Hayward 2.23mb
Basket strainer HaywardChemChart 2.21mb
Basket strainer Haywardpart 2.83mb
Type 305 306 Accessories Part Numbers 0.06mb
Type 305 306 Instruction manual 0.87mb
Type 305 306 Line strainer Part NumbersFIXED1 0.09mb
Filter pumps
CECO SSFBulletin 552 Suction Filters 2.41mb
CECO SSFBulletin 553 Amphip Filter Systems 05 13 0.90mb
FlokingIntroduction 0.03mb
FlokingQuestionnaire soumission 0.03mb
Filtration chamber + media
Big blue Big clear 0.29mb
CarboneBulletin 30Flokingpdf 0.05mb
CarboneBulletin 913 Carbon Filter Tubes 0.91mb
Cartouches de polypropylene 1.46mb
Filters for industrial applications 10 2017 EN 1.95mb
Sac filtrantsBulletin 906 Bag Filter Media 0.68mb
Siebec Cartouches de filtration L tech Fil tech 0.68mb
SiebecDeshuileur 0.42mb
Treatment for industrial liquids 10 2017 EN 1.41mb
Decanteur lamellaire13000 003 0.33mb
Filter pressJ Press Automated 10.80mb
Air treatment
Fiche produit Biofiltre EN hd 2.01mb
Fiche produit LCP EN hd 2.07mb
Fiche produit LPV LPH EN hd 1.42mb
Fiche produit LRV LRH EN hd 1.94mb
Fiche produit SGL DR EN hd 1.33mb
Fiche produit SLPH EN hd 1.54mb
Fiche produit TCA EN hd 2.15mb
fiche technique DR FR EN 0.46mb
fiche technique LPV FR EN 0.27mb
fiche technique LRV FR EN 0.27mb
fiche technique SGL FR EN 1.57mb
fiche technique TCA FR EN 0.29mb
GARNISSAGEPall Ring specs 0.32mb
GARNISSAGETriPack specs 0.32mb
Questionnaire scrubber selection EN 0.17mb
Conduits and accessories
Hotte12000 002 0.40mb
Raccords ventilation 14056 2 0.21mb
Courbes et dimensions VCP HP technique 3.97mb
Courbes et dimensions VCP technique 2.44mb
Courbes et dimensions VCPA technique 1.83mb
Courbes et dimensions VCPL technique 1.54mb
Fan manual EN 1.79mb
Questionnaire fan selection EN 0.13mb
VCP VCP HP VCPA EN hd 1.06mb
VCPL VCPL HP EN hd 0.66mb
Instrumentation and controls
W100NonCT BL web 0.93mb
W600 Manual J 12.82mb
W600 Brochure 1.96mb
W900 Brochure 1.35mb
Debitmetre a turbine 4.60mb
Debitmetre ultrasoniqueTECH SonicPro 8X11 0.55mb
Rotametre Variable Area Flowmeter Chart Comparison 0.41mb
Rotametre 4.73mb
Data sheet Signet 2450 Pressure Sensors 0.31mb
Detecteur de fuite Switch Tek LO10 Data Sheet 0.22mb
Instruction manual Signet 2450 Pressure Sensors 0.28mb
Interrupteur a flotte switch tek lv20 lh25 ds 0.57mb
NIVEAU Sonde de conductiviteLC seriesconductivity type level controls 0.81mb
Sonde de proximite ESP 3.32mb
GA Series Product Guide 0.70mb
Manometre differentiel 0.47mb
ManometreGaugegauge guard 0.00mb
Manometre Fiche produit 0.23mb
Sonde de conductiviteConductivity Sensor Brochure 0.37mb
Sonde de pH ORP pH ORP Sensors 0.59mb
Bandes chauffantes Thermolar Tank Manual 0.83mb
Echangeur de chaleur et serpentinsAccessoires pour serpentins 1.50mb
Echangeurs de chaleur et serpentins 3.68mb
Elements chauffants immerges Guide chimique 2.82mb
Elements chauffants immerges Protection thermique 0.69mb
Elements chauffants immerges Questionnaire Process techno 0.06mb
Elements chauffants immerges 29.34mb
Thermostats et controleurs 9.54mb
Flexible Fillable Quote Form 0.08mb
Flexible Hard chrome solution 2017 Skirt 2.17mb
Flexible Metal Finishing 2017 2 2.76mb
Sheets, rods and tubes
Feuille Polycarbonate Lexan Physical properties 0.11mb
Feuille PTFE molded list 0.19mb
Feuille PTFE skived list 0.19mb
Feuille Simona HDPE natural Technical data sheet 0.07mb
Feuille Simona PE100 technical data sheet 0.07mb
Feuille Simona PP Copolymer natural Technical data sheet 0.08mb
Feuille Simona PP Homopolymer Eurogrey Technical data sheet 0.08mb
Feuille Simona PVC Type I Technical data sheet 0.08mb
Feuille Simona PVDF KYNAR 1000 Technical data sheet 0.07mb
Tige PTFE list 0.19mb
Tige Simona HDPE Black Technical data sheet 0.07mb
Tige Simona HDPE natural Technical data sheet 0.07mb
Tige Simona PP homopolymer natural 0.08mb
Tige Simona PVC Type I Technical data sheet 0.08mb
Tube Acrylique Technical data sheet 0.18mb
Tube PTFE extruded 0.19mb
Air cooled mta series 1.77mb
Oil and oil water cooled mtow 0.44mb
Water cooled mtw series 0.76mb
Custom Fabrication
Dosing injection skid standard questionnaire 0.10mb
New products
Coffret Cy-Box avec retention 150L 0.69mb
Coffret Cy-Box avec retention 40L 0.60mb
Cy-Box Data sheet 0.16mb
Data sheet Expansion joint 0.26mb
Data sheet Reverse float 0.33mb
DOSINGBOX 1 porte Dimensions 0.15mb
DOSINGBOX 2 portes Dimensions 0.16mb
DOSINGBOX 3 portes Dimensions 0.19mb
Dosing injection skid standard questionnaire 0.10mb
flexijoint 19.34mb
Installation operation and maintenance manual 1.39mb
Instruction En 0.49mb
Magnetic switch Data sheet 0.46mb
The Cy-Box transloading box 0.19mb
Brochure Cy-Bo 2018 EN 1.91mb
Terms Conditions anglais 2018 10 0.21mb