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Installation and after‑sales service


You’re not sure how or you really don’t have time?

We can fabricate in the field when necessary. Our experienced team is available to complete your installation in accordance with the industry’s standards.

  • Delivery and unloading
  • Installation
  • Connection
  • Start up
  • Fabricate in place

Repairs and modifications

Whether it’s in your factory or ours when possible, we can repair your equipment. Contact us to organise a service call and we’ll come to your location.

To validate the feasibility quickly, we need:

  • Pictures of the piece of equipment to repair and the surrounding area.
  • Description of the problem
  • Utility available at the intervention area, electricity, compressed air...

Complementary services

To each his field of expertise.

Our multidisciplinary team is passionate and ready to help.

  • Service to consulting engineering firms
    We propose to work with you on the specifications to optimise the use of available materials.

  • Infrared fusion training
    On demand, we organise an infrared fusion training here at our premises. This formation lasts 4-6 hours and is mandatory to operate the infrared fusion machine.

  • PVC/CPVC solvent cement welding
    On demand, we organise a training on cementing of vinyls.

  • Lunch and learn
    We perform a technical presentation on plastics and their properties, techniques, standards and all the possibilities. This event addresses groups of 3-20 participants and lasts approximately 1 hour.