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Custom FabricationProjects adapted
to your needs

Cy-Bo has perfected fabrication techniques to the maximum it enables them to offer specific products from simple applications to complex ones. Development, engineering, expertise, accompaniment and integration are solutions the enterprise offers its customers in all line of business:

  • chemistry
  • gaseous emissions treatment
  • mining
  • aerospace
  • surface treatment
  • pharmaceutical and hospital
  • water treatment
  • heavy industry, titanium, zinc, iron, etc…

Cy-Bo has complete solutions for all those industries.

Our professionals at work

Plastic tank

Our entire custom made or distributed tanks will be according to your needs and specifications. For our custom made tank, we can provide the detailed calculation of conception or a sealed plan by an engineer. Don’t forget that we probably have the pump or other equipment to go with it.

Gas scrubber

Environment and workers’ health is more than ever a preoccupation. Our gas scrubbers and drop separators are extremely performing. They are conceived and put together in our Laval factory. High Density polyethylene, polypropylene, PVDF, PVC, PVC, PVC/fiberglass, whether it’s inside or outside, with garnish or spraying, give us a challenge.