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Reverse float level indicator

Allows an easy and precise reading of the tank level. The float within the tank is suspended by a polypropylene cord, supported by two 90° PVC elbows and pulleys. Thanks to the counter pulley system the volume of liquid in the tank is shown within a clear PVC pipe which is installed externally, parallel to the tank.

  •  Design based on standard 1.25"Ø PVC pipe system.
  •  Easy to install solvent weld system.
  •  Can be used with magnetic switch for alarms and controls.
  •  Can be installed on virtually any tank.
  •  Manufactured from chemical resistant components.
  •  Low maintenance.
  •  Easy to calibrate, when the red counterweight is at the bottom of the guide tube the tank is full. It works on a reverse principal.
  •  Gas/vapor tight.
  •  Full installation instructions included.

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