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The Cy-Box

-Box made of durable HDPE resistant to UV, impact, corrosion and chemical products.
-Lockable door with ergonomic handle;
-Transloading valve 2’’Ø or 3’’Ø;
-Drainage of retention valve ½’’Ø;
-Sampling and purge line valve ½’’Ø;
- ‘’Cam lever’’ type coupling with cap;
-PPE box, personal protection equipment;
(PPE included: anti-acid coverall, gloves and faceguard)
-Security recommendation molded;
-Product clearly identified by its name, UN code and hazard pictogram;
-Integrated retention for dripping 150 L;
-4 holding points to the ground;
-Self stable.

-Door colors choice in accordance to chemical to deliver;
-Leak detector;
-Level detection with visual and audible alarm.

This transloading box complies or exceeds the following requirements:
-*Loi sur la santé et la sécurité du travail-LSST
-Regulation respecting occupational health and safety S-2.1, r. 13
-*Procédure de réception sécuritaire des produits chimiques-APSAM
-ISO 14000 environmental management standards.

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