• Replaceable protector vs resettable

    Replaceable protector vs resettable

    All the heaters we sell are equipped with thermal protection in case of over heating. -Liquid level too low; -Liquid too hot; -Electrical malfunction. We distinguish two types of protectors:
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  • Hard chrome

    Hard chrome

    Hard chrome plating solution can be very agressive on PVC liners. The solution to this is a Koroseal PVC liner with an LFP Crossfilm skirt. See the video for yourself by clicking here !
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  • We also install !

    We also install !

    From level control detection to tank connection or piping systeme. Les Plastiques Cy-Bo possesses the expérience and knowledge to guide you through the acheivement of your projects.
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  • Metering System

    Metering System

    The safe injection of chemicals is not always simple and affordable. Cy-Bo masters and owns all the equipment required to make it in a safe and sustainable manner. We do infrared fusion with...
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  • Gas scrubbers

    Gas scrubbers

    Air scrubber design and fabrication are a specialty at Cy-Bo Plastics for many years. Verticals or horizontals they are all made in our Laval plant. All scrubbers are supplied with efficiency...
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