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18 December 2019 | News

Cy-Bo Plastics systematically recommends the installation of flexible connections on tank's sidewall.

All forces and movements susceptible to affect the tank must be eliminated at their origin.

  • Liquid height variation (hydrostatic pressure);
  • Liquid temperature fluctuation;
  • Vibrations produced by a mixer or a pump;
  • Hydraulic shock (water hammer);
  • Weight of plumbing.
Many solutions are available to counteract all these movements.
The expansion joint is a popular choice allowing to simultaneously compensate for misalignment, expansion and contraction, vibration and hydraulic shock. Furthermore, by its shape and construction materials it dampens noises. All these advantages included in one compact piece, easy to install and unaffected by corrosion.

Even if our tanks are extremely robust, they can’t defeat the laws of physics. Make sure you consider all the elements related to your tank to maximise the life expectancy of your tank and your installation.

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