• Tank assembly in the field

    Tank assembly in the field

    With Cy-Bo, you have this possibility without having to increase the door size, open the roof or dismantle a concrete block wall.
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  • The cements

    The cements

    The cements for PVC or CPVC from Weld-On® brand are available at Cy-Bo Plastics. This line of cement and primer, low in VOC, are specially formulated for industrial applications.
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  • Different types of plastic welding.

    Different types of plastic welding.

    The high-speed weld is the most common. It’s made by a thermoplastic hot gas (air) welding torch and rod. We apply many layers to assure a good contact. We use it to install connections, execute...
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  • Ionic permeation

    Ionic permeation

    Ionic permeation is the phenomenon by which light molecular weight ions will migrate through the molecular structure of a polymer.
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