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11 February 2019 | News
Come meet Cy-Bo’s team at booths 1010 and 1012.

At Cy-Bo we are always on the lookout for new demands, solving problems, innovations and optimisations possibility. We have new products to show off!

The Cy-Box (transloading box), assures you a safe delivery of chemical products. The Cy-Box is specifically designed to eliminate any dangers relating to chemical transloading. It is now impossible to unload chemicals on the ground, on the operator or in the wrong tank. Come see how the Cy-Box protects the people and the environment with: the lockable door, the closing of the door during transloading, the retention tank for drippings, the color code and PPE box…

The DosingBox (dosing system), assures you a safe injection system. Even if many dangers are linked to chemical products injection, the DosingBox protects the employees and the surrounding equipment.

On site you’ll see our injection system made of PVDF assembled by infrared fusion with all the valves and instruments for a worry-free system. The entire system is contained in a HDPE corrosion resistant box, with a lockable door and including the PPE box molded in the door, the integrated retention tank and the drainage valve in addition to the door color code and the identification plate.

And for sure, we always present our custom-made tanks, our plastic fans, our polluted air treatment systems and a lot more!