• Air pollution removal

    Air pollution removal

    Cy-Bo Plastics designs, builds and installs exhaust stream pollution treatment devices (dusts, fumes, odors, microparticles) targeting the elimination of industrial pollution with an efficiency above...
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  • Dish bottom tank

    Dish bottom tank

    Cy-Bo Plastics now proposes dish bottom tanks. These tanks are designed, and custom made in accordance with DVS standards. This type of tank is completely drained by the low point in the middle.
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  • DVS directives

    DVS directives

    At Les Plastiques Cy-Bo, our offers are always based on conception calculation verified and validated. Every tank is built in accordance with DVS directives. DVS: Deutscher Verband für...
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  • Double containment piping

    Double containment piping

    Chemical products handling is always associated with dangers from the product itself, and generally by deficient installations.
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  • The reverse float

    The reverse float

    The reverse float is the most popular level detection system sold by Cy-Bo Plastics. The many advantages of this system:
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