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DVS directives

3 June 2019 | News
At Les Plastiques Cy-Bo, our offers are always based on conception calculation verified and validated.
Every tank is built in accordance with DVS directives.
DVS: Deutscher Verband für Schweiβtechnik (German Association for Welding Technology)

DVS directives guide us in designing, sizing and fabricating tanks.
Many factors need to be considered to design a tank according to the state of the art.
-Chemical compatibility;
-Product temperature;
-Tank shape;
-Material choice;
-Connections: diameter, quantity, positioning and weight of each connections;
-Welds: type, quantity, size, temperature;
-Tank location: snow, wind, U.V., earth quake, to name just a few.

The DVS directives also apply to everything that is designed and built by Les Plastiques Cy-Bo.

Our team can guide you towards the tank selection that is the most advantageous for you and your process.