Why are Thermoplastics(Plastics) used in industry?

FAQ | 2013-04-01

Cy-Bo Plastics, works primarily in the chemical, wet process and heavy metal industries. In these industrial sectors, chemical resistance(i.e.: capacity to resist chemical attack) is one of the most important criterion in determining why plastics are utilized. A plastic reservoir or more precisely a tank made of Polyethylene(HDPE) or fabricated from Polypropylene; homo-polymer(PPH) or PP; co-polymer(PPC) surpasses virtually all metals in certain aggresive applications(i.e.: such as hydrochloric acid, chromic acid and sodium hypochlorite, etc). Price is another important consideration. A tank fabricated from thermoplastic materials may be up to 6 times less expensive than a similar tank fabricated from stainless steel.