Plastic welding and/or Thermal-fusion(heat-fusion) joining methodologies

FAQ | 2013-04-01

Welding(hi-speed or extrusion) and thermal-fusion of Thermoplastics has been around for almost as long as plastics themselves. The term ‘welding’ is used primarily when using a plastic welding rod and the term ‘fusion’ or ‘thermal-fusion’ welding - when there are no additional materials added, but simply thermally fused together. For proper welding or thermal-fusion to be possible, there are three important criterion that need to be met; that the plastic is indeed ‘weld-able’, that the temperature of the fusion must be ideal, and the welding rod and the workpiece are of the same composition. Welding and thermal-fusion are used in the manufacture and fabrication of plastic reservoirs and tanks, Exhaust Ventilation Scrubbers and Scrubber Towers with carbon media for odour removal are all typically fabricated from plastics, as well as ventilation ductwork and hoods, etc.